About Us


Why Choose Us?

Experience and Knowledge, backed by Character and Shop Culture to provide value and truth. Rex Wheeler, a 2nd generation professional auto repairman with 30 plus years' experience in automotive repair and fundamentals... While the first 20 years of automotive service by Rex was transmission specialty, the last decade and longer he has geared toward complete car repairs, with an acute emphasis on the modern car and it's vast array of electronics and computer controls. This is to better diagnose and analyze complete car systems, to make sure "over repair" does not occur.
    You are getting premier service, that is professional and personal, to your needs. We are, "ASE-Advanced Level Certified". We take pride in being able to provide fast, affordable, quality driven service, so we can get you back on the road. With a trust that you can visually see, so you will feel confident in your repair decisions.

What Makes Us the Clear Choice?

We know and understand the power of referrals and trust for a small business. We strive to provide an unexpected level of satisfaction, so that you will feel comfortable returning and/or referring your family, friends and co-workers to us. We strive for accurate estimates before any work is performed.  We are not known for calling you back for more needed service, upsells, wallet-flushing, or a surprise final invoice. We just fix what's important to you, but will warn of other problems as needed...  Many can tell you what you want to hear at first contact, to bait you, and they can just as easily increase the costs while in the middle of the repair job, and there may be nothing you can do about it. We do not operate this way. Don't you enjoy paying what you were estimated in the first place? We see the tension fade from our clients all the time, when the car is picked up, and they even know we did extra effort but the bill remains the same. It is a part of our culture, and our empathy.

Why Look Anywhere Else?

Our location is very convenient and easy to find, just off State Ave in North Marysville. Be sure to contact us today and you can see for yourself. How old fashion values, experience, personal attention and a professional atmosphere all come together.


"Wheeler keeps your wheels rolling!"
Phone: 360.474.9505