Muscle Cars, Classics & Hot Rods

Nice Or Nasty Repairs

  • We can repair your older car.
  • We are not restoration but are mechanical and electrical.
  • We do not extensively fabricate or reinvent the wheel. We can locate hard to find parts and fasten them on and make them fit as needed if made for the platform, we have welding machines and cutting tools to facilitate but we are not engineering or metallurgists.
  • We can adjust timing and carburetors.
  • We keep your car clean and safe while we have it. 
  • If you just bought a classic and want some things sorted out, we can do it. 
  • We work on roll-able, drive-able or almost drive-able vehicles in a short term manner.  
  • We fix your current wiring because we understand and can measure electrical flow, we do not install harness kits.
  • We can provide no estimate for "bolt on" mods that the manufacture has not created an accurate time guide for.  Most "bolt on" stuff, is trial and error. The term  "direct fit" is used by industry to be a direct fit, without fabrication, without trial and error fitment... Like for like..