Diagnosis And Inspection

Having trouble with your car, truck or SUV?

  • We prefer to pinpoint the failure without performing intrusive tear down inspections. We won't take your car apart to have a 'look-see' or say things like, 'maybe this or maybe that'. We try to look into the fault with scanners and oscilloscopes. We strive for an 'absolute' analysis before estimates or repairs are started. 
  • Have you replaced many parts because of guessing games, for it only to run or act the same? 'Theory of operation' is a real term. And should be known, so that 'guess-work' is not involved in diagnosis.
  • Due diligence is a practice that creates good end results when it comes to figuring out problems and to not 'over-repair' the vehicle.

So, you got the weird problem going on with the car or truck.  It's not right, but you can't put your finger on it.  Who should you ask about this weird problem?

* Is it, the guy next door that has a custom hot rod or race car or plays with cars, and says 'well, it could be this or it could be that?' But goes to work every day at a job that has nothing to do with the automotive repair industry?

* Is it, the web forum or videos? Where common failure pattern repairs' and suggestions run rampant but sometimes, it still don't help?

* Is it, the person who deals with these type of problems, day in and day out. That wants to charge you for an honest and accurate diagnosis, that is backed up with theory and experience?

How about:  All of the above?

It's good to get as much info as you can. You must be armed and educated to make good judgement calls. Or you might find yourself in a bad situation and not getting what you think.

Pricing for testing, analysis, and diagnosis does vary depending on the system within the vehicle that is having trouble- But generally range between $100 to $200. This gets a quick honest overview of the vehicle and we pinpoint the trouble to find a confirmed fix, in most cases. Does not include very intermittent faults.

* FYI *

Estimating is not diagnosing a problem. Watch out for the loss leader term "free diagnostics." Yes, free is nice. But, if you know the value of a professional's experience in his or her vocation. You know 'free' has little value or accountability. Do you work for free? There is always a catch with the 'free' word, you may not even know or find out what that catch is either.  But it can lead to 'over repair' of your car. Also, selling diagnostic time like a bid on "name that tune" is also a sure fire way to get an incomplete analysis of your vehicle fault.


"Test! Don't guess!"